Currus E-scooter Battery – A Definitive Guide


When buying an electric scooter, the battery is among the first things you should consider. The battery of an electric vehicle will tell you just how much mileage it can give on a single charge. The more powerful the battery, the more range you can get from an e-scooter.

In other words, the battery is one of the most important factors to check the reliability of an e-scooter, among other things.

Currus e-scooters are known to be performance-centric and offer the best-in-class specifications, including powerful battery life.

If you are planning to buy a Currus electric scooter, make sure to read this guide to know everything about Currus e-scooter batteries, power, mileage, maintenance, lifespan, etc.

Let’s get started.

How long do Currus electric scooter batteries last?

The estimated life of a Lithium-Ion battery is about two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles.

However, Currus e-scooter batteries are made to offer extra power and strength, so they can easily last for a longer period than normal batteries, even up to four years if you take proper care of them.

How can you maximize Currus electric scooter battery life?

By taking good care of it.

Regularly check the status of your scooter batteries to ensure they are safe and in good condition. Even though the Curris e-scooters come with built-in cooling technology, it doesn’t harm to occasionally check the batteries for not over-heating, especially during a long ride.

Other things you can do to maximize the battery life of your Currus electric scooter include regular servicing & maintenance, cleaning, storing/parking in a cool and dry place, charging only with a genuine charger, avoiding direct sunlight for long, and charging the battery regularly even if you’re not planning to use it.

And most importantly, avoid overcharging your e-scooter battery, as it will slowly but surely reduce the battery life.

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What type of batteries do Currus electric scooters have?

While the Currus NF/NF+ comes with a 60V 28Ah H35E Samsung SDI Lithium-ion battery, the Currus Panther e-scooter integrates a 60V 35Ah H35E Samsung SDI Lithium-ion battery pack.

The power in Wh (Watt-hour) is 1,680 Wh and 2,100 Wh for the Currus NF and the Currus Panther scooter respectively.

Both the scooters have the Samsung SDI high-capacity battery designed to offer high durability, uniform quality, and maximum power without overheating. It has been fitted under the large deck of the scooters.

The Samsung batteries used in the Currus e-scooters are locally made, officially certified, and have passed all the standard safety and quality tests, including the KCL battery safety test, Samsung SDI customer experience test, among others.

The KCL battery safety test requires a battery to be tested for factors like overcharging, short circuit, crash test, impact test, vibration test, etc. before being used in the vehicles.

Moreover, the advanced BMS system in the Currus e-scooter batteries keeps the batteries from overcharging and over-discharging and keeps the temperature in check.

How to store Currus electric scooter batteries?

When installed in the vehicle, keep the batteries from overheating. Park/store the e-scooter in a dry, shaded area and not in direct sunlight. Regularly charge your battery and do not let it over-discharge in order to maximize its life.

Even if you are planning not to use your Currus e-scooter for a considerable period of time, keep the battery fully charged and/or regularly charge it to maintain the cycle. Store inside the house or garage.

How far can a Currus electric scooter go on a full charge?

Well, that depends on which Currus e-scooter you’re talking about. Presently, the Currus NF and the Currus Panther are the two most popular electric scooters by the company.

While the Currus NF/NF+ comes with a 60V 28Ah H35E Samsung SDI Lithium-ion battery, the Currus Panther e-scooter integrates a 60V 35Ah H35E Samsung SDI Lithium-ion battery pack.

Both the battery packs are capable of offering the same maximum range/mileage of up to 74 miles (100-120 km) in ideal conditions. It means you can expect your Currus e-scooter battery to last up to 74 miles on a full charge.

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