Riding the Revolutionary Currus NF E-Scooter VS Competition


The NF Folding E-scooter is the latest offering from the Currus Motors – North America’s favorite distributor of high-end electric scooters.

The Currus NF is a revolutionary electric scooter designed to offer the best comfort and convenience to the rider while ensuring the maximum performance you can get from an e-scooter. It’s foldable, which means you can easily fold and carry it wherever you want. It’s made to give you the most sophisticated riding experience ever!

But, that’s certainly not enough to convince the buyers that the Currus NF is the best e-scooter out there or that there are no better options. So, today, we compare the NF e-scooter with other popular offerings in the market, in terms of power (motor), speed, comfort, and other features, to find out how the latest Currus offering fares against the competition.

Let’s get started.

So, what are the main things you look for in an electric scooter? For me, It’s the price, top speed, overall performance, durability, appearance, safety, among others. Based on these criteria, let’s find out whether and how the Currus NF is one step ahead of the competition.


The Currus NF is already making its mark as one of the best performing e-scooters we have seen to date. It’s a high-end electric scooter designed to offer the maximum performance output to those looking for more than just a local commuting tool.

Thanks to the super-powerful 3600W 60V Dual Hub Motor, the NF scooter can easily reach up to a maximum speed of 43 miles per hour, the best in the industry. Also, it offers a maximum range of up to 74 miles to keep you mobile for long hours. The scooter is ideal for both on-road and off-road riding and ensures a smooth and safe riding experience. The 10 x 3.0 road tires in the NF scooter ensure safety and proper handling even in the worst routes. The e-scooter can easily take a max load of up to 264 lbs (120 kg).

The Currus NF is as stylish as powerful. You’ll be mesmerized by its beauty at the very first glance, and at the same time, the performance and riding experience are something you’ll never forget.


The eXtreme 3600W max BLDC Dual Hub Motor of the Currus NF scooter is capable of taking up to a top speed of 43 Mph in ideal conditions. That’s certainly the best in the industry. The Currus NF isn’t like any other scooter. It’s a performance powerhouse designed to offer the best-in-class riding experience.


When designing our e-scooter, safety was our primary concern, which is why the Currus NF e-scooter has been equipped with multiple safety features, including full hydraulic and ABS brakes, 10 x 3.0 road tires, LED headlight, among others.

The electric scooter comes with dual (standard front and rear Hydraulic) disc brakes to offer maximum safety to the rider. Also, it has been integrated with adjustable suspension to keep the ride smooth and flexible.

The presence of LED headlight ensures a safer riding experience, especially in crowded areas and at night.

To offer an improved grip, control, stability to the rider, the NF scooter features 10 x 3.0 wide 10 x 3.0 road tires.


The range is one of the things that make the Currus NF better, maybe the best, than other e-scooters out there.

The 60V 28Ah Samsung SDI Lithium-Ion battery pack in the NF e-scooter offers a maximum range of up to 75 miles (in precise conditions), avoiding the need to frequently charge. So, it’s ideal if you are planning to buy an e-scooter for long-range commuting.

The normal range of e-scooters is between 30-40 miles, which certainly makes the Currus NF the best in the industry.


Well, appearance is one of the first things people see in an e-scooter, which is why the Currus NF is designed to look the best and nothing less than the competition.

It looks stylish and bold at the same time. From the handlebar to riding deck and the frame, everything is made of high-quality, lightweight aluminum to offer the best look and high durability.

The handlebar of the scooter features a Multi-EYE LCD dashboard with throttle type detection, and options like speed, battery, etc.

With the Currus NF, you get the industry-leading premium design in a compact and affordable package.


Comfort and convenience are, of course, important for e-scooter riders. If so, the Currus NF e-scooter will not disappoint you.

To ensure the maximum comfort, stability, and control, the vehicle is equipped with 10 x 3.0 wide tires that can easily ride on even the roughest roads. The adjustable suspension along with dual disk brakes makes the ride comfortable and safe.

The scooter features an ergonomic design and an automated riding system to make the overall riding experience easy and comfortable for people of all ages.

The foldable and lightweight (37 kg) design makes it possible to easily fold and carry the e-scooter whenever required.


Price is, of course, one of the important things to consider when buying an electric scooter.

After exploring the features and benefits of the Currus NF e-scooter here, you must get the idea that it’s a high-end electric vehicle that is designed to offer maximum performance and a one-of-a-kind riding experience to the users. Now, if you compare these features with any other e-scooter out there, you’ll find that these come at a high cost, usually in the range of $3,000-$4,000.

The Currus NF, on the other hand, offers the best level of performance, comfort, and riding experience along with the industry-leading features at a relatively lower cost.

Warranty and Support

The Currus NF e-scooter comes with the best-in-industry warranty of 12 months along with free extra 12 months technical support from the manufacturer. All the Currus scooters are made at the brand factory in Korea and distributed and sold by Currus Motors in the USA and Canada.

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