A Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Best Electric Scooter


Are you looking for an easier, affordable and eco-friendly alternative to cars or motorbikes? Do you not feel like riding a motorcycle every time you have to go to the local store to buy groceries or to school? Are you worried that you’ll get stuck in traffic if you take a car to the office or market?

Well, now, you have a better option. Electric scooters are two-wheelers that are designed to be lightweight, fast and are, most importantly, eco-friendly.

They are fun to ride and can take you anywhere fast.

What is an e-scooter?

An electric scooter or an e-scooter is a general stand up scooter that is run by an electric motor. E-scooters are a micro form of transport. These are environment friendly as they do not run on any find of fuel.  These scooters have a large deck to stand on which is bigger than the ordinary non-motorised scooters. One handle is provided to make turns while riding.

These kinds of scooters are becoming more popular day by day. They have a general speed ranging from 15 kmph to 30 kmph in general and can run for a distance from 5 kms to 50 kms according to the model’s battery specifications. They can also be folded when not in use. The e-scooters can travel 6 times faster than walking speed.

It’s true that an electric scooter cannot (and shouldn’t) replace walking, but it surely provides a better, healthier alternative to driving a car or riding a motorcycle. Riding an e-scooter is not just fun but also it’s eco-friendly, as electric scooters run on electricity and are free from any kind of non-renewable fuels.

Whether you are going to school or have to make a weekly run to the local grocery or medical store, electric scooters can be the best riding companion. And, do you know what the best part is? Any person, of any age, can easily ride these vehicles without much learning or training. E-scooters can be used by students, adults, patrol guards, police, mall security, and almost everyone else who needs a better, faster and more convenient way to ride.

The traffic on the roads is increasing day by day, so e-scooters can also be helpful for those who want to reach their destinations quickly without using a car or any other vehicle. The e-scooters from Currus Motors are economical yet advanced in functionalities.

How to Buy an e-scooter

There are a lot of companies in the market that claim to provide the best e-scooters but you should know the features of an ideal e-scooter before spending your precious money on them. The following features make an e-scooter ideal:

  • Quality

The quality of ride is the main thing to focus on while purchasing a scooter. Some scooters don’t even go 2-3 kms in a single charge. The wheel size of many scooters are not precise, some are so small that they get stuck in potholes so make sure the size of the wheels is more than 4 inches in radius for a smoother ride. The wheels should be solid to avoid punctures. The suspension should be perfect. All these features are provided by Currus Motors in its e-scooters.

  • Speed

The speed of the scooter depends on motor type and weight of the rider. The top speed of scooters by Currus Motors ranges upto 40 kmph for a rider weighing 70 kg. One should try to ride it at an average speed of 25 kmph just like that of a bicycle.

  • Brakes

Brakes are important as they ensure your safety while riding. Most of the scooter brands provide ineffective brakes on their scooters as they are slower in speed but the e-scooters of Currus Motors have three types of brakes including an electric brake that can be applied when you have to stop.

  • Range and Build Quality

Most of the manufacturers provide a lesser range of weight to be held by the scooter. You should look for a scooter according to the weight of the individual who is going to use it. Moreover, the manufacturers use chinese parts in the  scooter that makes it less durable so one should look for a scooter manufactured at some trusted space like Korea in that of Currus Motors.

  • Warranty

For better warranty conditions you should go for popular brands as they can provide better after sales services for the scooter. Some manufacturers provide warranties but they do not state that the part is imported for China or other local markets and the customer is unable to exercise the benefits of warranty as the scooter would be required to be sent back to the country of origin. The scooters from Currus Motors come with a warranty for 1 year that can be used regionally.

  • Size

One should look for a scooter with precise size. It should be foldable and easy to ride. Some scooters are fast but they do not even have enough space for the individual to stand on easily. So, you should check the size of the deck, handle and overall body to get the best product.

  • Weight

The weight of the scooter should also be considered while purchasing the scooter. Heavily weighted scooters will not provide a good speed for the riders and can create problems while carrying it around. Currus Motors provide lightweight scooters that are easy to carry for a longer period of time.

  • Attractive Design

You will be riding the scooter regularly which means that many people will look at your scooter, so you should purchase a scooter that has an attractive body, an elegant design and the best looks one can ask for just like the scooters provided by Currus Motors.

  • Load Bearing Capacity

Many scooter manufacturers claim to provide a greater load bearing capacity than the actual, which deteriorates the scooter quickly. You should look for a scooter that provides maximum load bearing for the ease in travelling and transporting things.

  • Price

Pricing of the scooter should also be considered while purchasing one. You should look for a scooter that can provide maximum features at a minimum price along with optimal quality. You do not need to worry as the scooters provided by Currus Motors are economic and budget friendly and come with the best features one can ask for.

  • Lights and Noise

The scooter should have effective lights and reflectors that can provide more visibility at night and if the lights are not in-built then you should purchase an external one. Additionally, you should check the sound made by the scooter as some scooters make loud whistling noise that disturbs the riders and the people around him during the ride.

Where to buy an e-scooter in Canada or the USA

Currus Motors is the North American exclusive distributor for CURRUS products that is known to offer the best electric scooters in the region. The scooters provided by us are loaded with all the above detailed features and many more and are widely trusted by the customers around the globe. If you wish to purchase a scooter from Currus Motors, you can do so through the official website https://currusmotors.com

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