Remain Alert

To keep both the rider and others alert, the helmet features a set of 7 bright LED lights with 3 types of alert signals for automatic brake/deceleration warning to the vehicles behind.

7-key high brightness LED light
3 Types of Alert Lights
Automatic brake warning


The Smart4u Smart Bling Helmet is designed to keep you safe while making you look smart with its stylish, ergonomic design. It comes in four color options.

Bling Helmet
Multiple color options
Waterproof design

Safety First

Made from industrial-grade PC (polycarbonate) material & imported PSI-205T high-density EPS (polystyrene foam), it’s designed to keep the rider safe.

Smart & Safe
Adjustable strap
Built-in sensor

Comfort Redefined

The Smart4u helmet is designed with comfort and safety in mind. It’s lightweight and comes with an adjustable strap along with 12 built-in vents for proper ventilation.



Smart4u Smart Helmet

Stylish Bling Helmet, 7-key high brightness LED light, Built-in sensor

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There’s A Safer Way to Ride

Riding an e-scooter is incomplete and unsafe without the right helmet. Keeping that in mind, we present the all-new Smart4u Smart Helmet.

The Smart4u Helmet is made of lightweight yet super strong PC (polycarbonate) material on the outside. The inside of the helmet is prepared with imported PSI-205T high-density EPS (polystyrene foam) to provide an overall safety to the rider. An integral molding has been added as an extra layer of security on both external and internal sides to improve the helmet’s impact resistance.

One of the highlights of the Smart4u smart helmet is a 7-key high brightness LED lighting group that can automatically start up or standby according to the need. It’s attached with a sensor that automatically starts the light for brake warnings, acceleration, and similar situations to alert the riders behind. The lighting strip is made to be visible up to a 180-meter visual distance.

Thanks to the lPX4 waterproof design, the Smart4u helmet is safe to use in mild rain conditions, however, long exposure to rain is not recommended. It comes with an adjustable strap with a multi-position adjustment knob that makes the helmet suitable for most people. For added comfort, there has been added a set of 12 vents along with an aerodynamic design that ensures proper ventilation by keeping you cool and fresh throughout the ride.

Thanks to the simple yet super-stylish appearance, the helmet can be used by riders when riding a electric scooter.

Weight: M: 360g, L: 370g

Size: M: 54-58CM / 21.26-22.83In, L: 57-61CM / 22.44-21.02In

Lighting effects: flashing lights, tidal lights, flashing lights

Life time: 26-36 hours in lighting mode

Standby time: 180 days

Charging time: 3 hours

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